Epee Engine  0.40
The Epee Engine is an open source cross platform graphics engine
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1 /*
2 * EpeeEngine.h
3 *
4 *
5 * Epee Engine
6 * Created by Alan Uthoff on 3/12/06.
7 Copyright (C) 2011
9 This Code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
10 modify it under the terms of the zlib/libpng License as published
11 by the Free Software Foundation; either
12 version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
13 This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.
15 In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
17 Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
18 including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute
19 it freely, subject to the following restrictions:
21 1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented;
22 you must not claim that you wrote the original software.
23 If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment
24 in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.
26 2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such,
27 and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.
29 3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.
32 */
35 #ifndef _EPEEENGINE_h_
36 #define _EPEEENGINE_h_
39 #define Version_Number_h .40
40 #include <string>
41 #include <algorithm>
42 #include <iostream>
43 #include <vector>
44 #include <sstream>
45 #include "tinyxml.h"
47 #include "EEWidget.h"
48 #include "EpeeEngineError.h"
49 #include "EETextBox.h"
50 #include "EESceneGraph.h"
51 #include "EEImage.h"
52 #include "EEAnimation.h"
53 #include "EEAnimationScript.h"
54 #include "EESound.h"
55 #include "EEButton.h"
56 #include "EETextButton.h"
59 //********************Begin Of ControlCharacters Class******************************
61 {
62  bool m_bShift;
63  bool m_bControl;
64  bool m_bAlt;
65  bool m_bCommand;
66  bool m_bCapsLock;
67  bool m_keyCaught;
70 public:
71  friend class EpeeEngine;
73  bool IsAltPressed();
74  bool IsCtrlPressed();
75  bool IsShiftPressed();
76  bool IsCapLockPressed();
77 protected:
78  void ProcessKeyEvent(SDL_Event *_event);
79  void SetCapLock(bool _caps);
80  bool GetKeyCaught();
83 };
84 //***********************End Of ControlCharacters Class*********************************
87 //***********************Begin Of FileLookUp Class***************************
89 {
91 public:
92  FileLookUp();
93  FileLookUp(const std::string & _Symbol, const std::string & _fileName);
94  std::string m_ssymbol;
95  std::string m_sfilename;
98 };
99 //***********************End Of FileLookUp Class***************************
102 {
105 public:
106  EpeeEngine();
107  EpeeEngine(std::vector<FileLookUp> filetable);
108  ~EpeeEngine();
111  bool EventProcessing(SDL_Event *_event); //event processing for the graphics engin currently handles movement of buttons when pressed
112  bool SetUp(unsigned int Screen_Width,unsigned int Screen_Heigth,bool FullSreenMod=false,std::string _WindowName="Your App Name Here",bool _Resize=false,unsigned int _fps=60,unsigned int _BitDepthOfScreen=16,bool Anyformat=false);
113  bool SetUp(std::vector<FileLookUp> filetable,unsigned int Screen_Width,unsigned int Screen_Heigth,bool FullSreenMode=false,const std::string & _WindowName="Your App Name Here",bool _Resize=false,unsigned int _fps=60,unsigned int _BitDepthOfScreen=16,bool Anyformat=false);
114  bool RenderSeen(bool _UpdateScreenNow=false); //call this to proccess the render list and pass true to this funtion for it to call updatescreen
115  bool UpdateScreen();// draws the proccesed render list to the screen
117  image * CreateImageFromList(const std::string & _symbol,const std::string & _ImageName,int _x,int _y,int _z);//creates a new image from a filelist and adds it to renable list
118  bool RemoveIteamFromRendableList(const std::string & _card); //removes the card from the rendable list
120  bool SetNumberOfMixingChannels(int _NumberOfChannels);//Set up funtion for the sound list this need to be at lest on for sounds to work. This does not have any barring to the background music
121  Sound * FindSound(const std::string & _name);//returns a pointer to a sound object from the sound list
122  Sound * CreateSound(const std::string & _GroupName,const std::string & _FileName,int _Channel=0,int _NumberOfTimesToLoop=0,int _Volume=MIX_MAX_VOLUME);//creates a new sound and adds it to the sound list
123  bool DestroySound(const std::string & _name);//deletes the a sound from the sound list
124  bool PlaySoundNow(Sound * _pSound);//plays a sound pointed to by _pSound
126  bool SetAndPlayBackGroundMusic(const std::string & _NameOfAudio,int _NumberOfTimesToLoop,int _Volume=MIX_MAX_VOLUME,int _ms=0);//creates and plays background music. THIS IS NOT ADDED TO THE SOUND LIST. you can only have one music file loaded and playing at a time
127  bool StopBackGroundMusic(int _ms=0);//stops the background music
128  bool FadeInSound(Sound * _pSound,int _ms);
129  bool FadeOutSound(Sound * _pSound,int _ms);
130  bool FadeOutSound(int _Channel,int _ms);
131  bool StopSoundNow(int _Channel);
132  bool StopSoundNow(Sound * _pSound);
133  bool IsSoundPlaying(Sound *_pSound);
136  bool LoadConfigurationFile(const std::string & _FileName);
140  float GetTimeSinceSetup(); //gets the number of milliseconds since setup was called
141  void SleepDelay(Uint32 _millisecounds); //sleeps for _millisecounds does not use up clock cycles
142  textBox * CreateTextBox(const std::string & _Name,int _x,int _y,int _z,const std::string & _TextBoxMessage=" ",const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current",unsigned int _height=-1,unsigned int _width=-1,const std::string & _Font=True_Type_Font_Defalut,int _FontPoint=18,unsigned int _red=255,unsigned int _blue=255 ,unsigned int _green=255,const std::string & _FontPath = True_Type_Font_Location);//creates a textbox and adds it to the rendable list
143  image * CreateImage(const std::string & _fileName ,const std::string & _Name,int _x,int _y,int _z,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current",bool _Transparency=false);//creates image and adds it to the rendable list
144  Animation * CreateAnimation(const std::string & _fileName ,const std::string & _Name,int _x,int _y,int _z,int _NumberOfFrames,int _fps,int _StartFrame=0,int _Loop=1,int _NumberOfRowsOfFrames=1,bool _Transparency=false,bool _StartNow=true,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current");//Creates an animation and adds it to the renderable list
145  AnimationScript * CreateAnimationScript(const std::string & _Name,EEWidget * _AnimationSprocket,PlayScrtipFuntionPointer* _ScrtipFuntionPointer,int _z,int _TotalNumberOfFrames,int _fps=30,int _StartFrame=0,int _Loop=1,bool _StartNow=true,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current");
147  ButtonTB * CreateButtonTB(const std::string & _ButtonName,int _Buttonx,int _Buttony,int _Buttonz,const std::string & _ButtonText ,bool _SButtonactive=true,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current",unsigned int _ButtonTB_height=30,unsigned int _ButtonTB_width=100,const std::string & _ButtonTB_Font=True_Type_Font_Defalut,int _ButtonTB_FontPoint=18,unsigned int _ButtonTB_red=255,unsigned int _ButtonTB_blue=255 ,unsigned int _ButtonTB_green=255,const std::string & _ButtonFontPath=True_Type_Font_Location);//creates a textbox that is a button on the screen and adds the button to the rendable list
148  Button * CreateButton(const std::string & _localfileName ,const std::string & _localName,int _localx,int _localy,int _localz,bool _Transparency=false,bool _localactive=true,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current");//creates a button that is attached to an image. the button is added to the rendable list
149  Button * CreateButton(const std::string & _localName,int _localx,int _localy,int _localz,int _height,int _width,bool _Transparency=false,bool _localactive=true,const std::string & _AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current");//creates a button that is not attached to an image an is invsable to the user. this button is added to the rendable list but is not draw on the screen
150  EEWidget * WasAButtonClicked(int _x, int _y);//returns the button that contanes the x and y values.
152  textBox * FindTextBox(const std::string & _name);//returns a pointer to a textBox _name from the rendable list
153  Button * FindButton(const std::string & _name);//returns a pointer to a Button _name from the rendable list
154  ButtonTB * FindButtonTB(const std::string & _name);
155  image *FindImage(const std::string & _name);//returns a pointer to a Image _name from the rendable list
156  Animation * FindAnimation(const std::string & _name);//returns a pointer to an Animation _name from the rendable list
158  image* CloneImage(image * _imageToClone,const std::string & _nameOfImage,const std::string & _RenderList="Current",int _x=-1,int _y=-1,int _z=-1);
159  Animation* CloneAnimation(Animation * _imageToClone,const std::string & _nameOfAnimation,const std::string & _RenderList,int _x=-1,int _y=-1,int _z=-1 );
160  textBox* CloneTextBox(textBox * _textBoxToClone,const std::string & _nameOfImage,const std::string & _RenderList="Current",int _x=-1,int _y=-1,int _z=-1 );
161  //***********NOTE IMAGES,ANIMATIONS TEXTBOXES,AND BUTTONS ARE ALL EEWidget***********************
162  bool DestroySprocket(const std::string & _name); // removes a sprocket from the rendable list
163  EEWidget * FindEEWidget(const std::string & _name,const std::string & _renderlist="Current"); //returns a pointer to a sprocket from the rendable list
164  bool ChangeSprocketZ(EEWidget * _SprocketToChange,int _newZ,RenderList * _list=NULL);//changes the depth of a sprocket
167  int GetFps(); // returns the current frames to a secound of the render engine
168  bool SetFps(int _fps);//sets the frames to a secound of the render engine
171  {
172  if (m_pCurrentEditedTextBox==NULL) {
173  return false;
174  }
175  else
176  {
177  return true;
178  }
179  return false;
181  }
182  std::string GetCurrentRenderList();
184  bool SetCurrentRenderList(const std::string & _ListToChangeTo);
185  bool InsertRenderList(RenderList * _newRenderList);
187  bool DestroyRenderList(const std::string & _name);
188  bool RemoveIteamFromRendableList(const std::string & _card,const std::string & _renderList);
189  RenderList* FindRenderList(const std::string & _name);
190  RenderList * CreateRenderList(const std::string & _name);
191  unsigned int GetTotalRenderList();
193  double GetVersionNumberH();
194  double GetVersionNumberCpp();
195  void TransferSprocketToNewRenderList(RenderList * _sorceRenderList,RenderList * _destinationRenderList,EEWidget * _sprocketToTransfer);
197  //std::string GetLastError() {return m_sCurrentError;}//Returns the last error from the last funtion called
198  EpeeEngineError GetLastError() {return m_cLastError;}//Returns the last error from the last funtion called
200  unsigned int GetTotalSprockesCreated();//returns that total number of EEWidget created
201  unsigned int GetTotalSoundsCreated();//returns the total number of sounds created
202  void WriteRenderListToFile();//Writes the contents of the render list out to the cout file. Only works in debug right now
203  void WriteSoundListToFile();//Writes the contents of the sound list out to the cout file. Only works in debug right now
204  void TurnOnFPS();//Turns on the Frames Per Second in the upper left hand corner
205  void TurnOffFPS();//Turns Off the Frames Per Second in the upper left hand corner
206  void ToggleFullScreen(bool _FullScreen);//Toggles the window from fullscreen to window and back true for fullscreen false for windowed
207  void ChangedResolution(int _Width, int _height,bool _useCurrentFlags=true,bool _FullScreen=false,bool _Resize=false,bool _AnyFormat=false);//Changes the current window resolution
208  bool GetEvent(SDL_Event * _event); //Removes and polulates _event with the next event in the event que. Returns false if the is no events in the que returns true otherwise
211  unsigned int GetCurrentScreenHeight();
212  unsigned int GetCurrentScreenWidth();
215  bool IsKeyDisplayable(SDLKey _KeyToCheck);
216  char IsKeyModifiedByOtherKeys(SDLKey _KeyToCheck);
219  void DrawOutlineWithRect(SDL_Surface * _SurfaceToBeOutLined,SDL_Rect *OutLine,Uint8 _red=255,Uint8 _blue=0,Uint8 _green=0,unsigned int _thickness=1 );
220  void DrawOutline(SDL_Surface * _SurfaceToBeOutLined,unsigned int _x,unsigned int _y,Uint8 _red=255,Uint8 _blue=0,Uint8 _green=0,unsigned int _thickness=1 );
222  //template <typename datatype> datatype StringToNumericData(std::string _stringtoconvert,datatype temp);//temp is the data type that you want back
223  template <typename datatype> datatype StringToNumericData(const std::string & _stringtoconvert,datatype temp)
224  {
225  datatype tempint=0;
227  std::istringstream tempstream(_stringtoconvert);
228  if (!(tempstream>>tempint)) {
229  EE_DEBUG<<"Could not convert"+_stringtoconvert+"to the specified data type"<<std::endl;
230  return 0;
231  }
232  this->ClearError();
233  return tempint;
234  }
237  //template <typename datatype> std::string StringFromNumericData(datatype _value);
238  template <typename datatype> const std::string StringFromNumericData(datatype _value)
239  {
240  datatype tempint=_value;
241  std::ostringstream tempstream;
242  if (!(tempstream<<_value)) {
244  std::string tempstring ="Could not convert numeric data to string";
245  EpeeEngineError temperror(tempstring,TEXTBOX_CONVERION_ERROR,this);
246  this->SetLastError(temperror);
247  return "NULL";
249  }
250  this->ClearError();
251  return tempstream.str();
252  }
254 private:
255  void ClearError();
256  void SetLastError(EpeeEngineError _error);
257  void LoadAnimationFromFile(TiXmlElement *element);
258  void LoadButtonTBFromFile(TiXmlElement *element);
259  void LoadButtonFromFile(TiXmlElement *element);
260  void LoadTextBoxFromFile(TiXmlElement *element);
261  void LoadImageFromFile(TiXmlElement *element);
262  //bool WriteText(std::string TextToWrite,int x,int y,int point=12,std::string font="arial.ttf",int text_box_height=30,int text_box_width=200);
263  //bool WriteText(textBox* _TextBox);
264  bool InsertIntoSprocketList(EEWidget * _newSprocket,RenderList * _List=NULL);
265  //bool DrawImage(image* _ImageToDraw);
266  bool ScaleImageDraw(image* _ImageToDraw);
267  void fpsDelay();
268  bool UpdateVectorlocateion();
269  bool PlaySoundNow(const std::string & _NameOfAudio,int _NumberOfTimesToLoop,int _Channel=-1);
270  void HandleKeyBordEvents(SDL_Event *_event);
271  void HadleKeyBordKeys(SDL_Event *_event,bool flagtemp);
272  bool HandleMouseEvents(SDL_Event *_event);
273  std::vector <FileLookUp> m_cfiletable;
274  Uint32 m_u32VideoFlags;
275  //std::vector <textBox*> m_vTextBoxList;
276  //std::vector <Button> m_vButtonList;
277  // std::vector <EEWidget*> m_vEEWidgetList;
278  std::vector <RenderList*> m_vRenderList;
279  std::vector <Sound*> m_vSounds;
280  SDL_Surface *m_pscreen;
281  EpeeEngineError m_cLastError;
282  textBox * m_pCurrentEditedTextBox;
283  unsigned int m_iScreen_Heigth;
284  unsigned int m_iScreen_Width;
285  // TTF_Font *m_pfont1;
286  RenderList * m_uiCurrentRenderList;
287  bool m_bFullScreen;
288  bool m_bResizeAble;
289  unsigned int m_ifps;
290  Mix_Music *m_pBackGroundMusic;
291  std::string m_sCurrentError;
292  Mix_Chunk * m_pSoundOne;
293  unsigned int m_iframe;
294  unsigned int m_ifpstime;
295  textBox * FrameRate;
296  float m_fCurrentFrameRate;
297  EEWidget * m_pLastSprocketClicked;
298  RenderList * m_LastRenderListFound;
299  EEWidget * m_pDownedButton;
300  unsigned int m_uiTotalRenderListsCreated;
301  unsigned int m_uiTotalSoundsCreated;
302  unsigned int m_uiTotalConnectionsCreated;
303  bool SetKeyColor(SDL_Surface * _SurfaceToKey);
304  int m_bHardWareAccelration;//0 is software 1 is openGl soon 2 will be directX
305  ControlCharacters m_cKeybordControlCharacters;
308 };
314 /*float GetTimeSinceSetup2()
315 {
316 return SDL_GetTicks();
317 }*/
318 #endif
AnimationScript * CreateAnimationScript(const std::string &_Name, EEWidget *_AnimationSprocket, PlayScrtipFuntionPointer *_ScrtipFuntionPointer, int _z, int _TotalNumberOfFrames, int _fps=30, int _StartFrame=0, int _Loop=1, bool _StartNow=true, const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current")
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:198
Definition: EEAnimation.h:43
void TransferSprocketToNewRenderList(RenderList *_sorceRenderList, RenderList *_destinationRenderList, EEWidget *_sprocketToTransfer)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2399
float GetTimeSinceSetup()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2315
Sound * FindSound(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:793
bool StopBackGroundMusic(int _ms=0)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:581
EEWidget * WasAButtonClicked(int _x, int _y)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1778
image * CloneImage(image *_imageToClone, const std::string &_nameOfImage, const std::string &_RenderList="Current", int _x=-1, int _y=-1, int _z=-1)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2521
bool IsSoundPlaying(Sound *_pSound)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:560
Definition: EpeeEngineError.h:39
void TurnOnFPS()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2227
RenderList * CreateRenderList(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2410
unsigned int GetCurrentScreenHeight()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2305
bool IsFoucsOnTextBox()
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:170
image * CreateImageFromList(const std::string &_symbol, const std::string &_ImageName, int _x, int _y, int _z)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1133
Definition: EpeeEngineCommenIncludes.h:103
Definition: EESound.h:40
ButtonTB * FindButtonTB(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1034
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:237
bool GetEvent(SDL_Event *_event)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2282
EEWidget * FindEEWidget(const std::string &_name, const std::string &_renderlist="Current")
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2455
bool SetUp(unsigned int Screen_Width, unsigned int Screen_Heigth, bool FullSreenMod=false, std::string _WindowName="Your App Name Here", bool _Resize=false, unsigned int _fps=60, unsigned int _BitDepthOfScreen=16, bool Anyformat=false)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:383
bool DestroyRenderList(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:929
EpeeEngineError GetLastError()
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:198
bool DestroySprocket(const std::string &_name)
void DrawOutlineWithRect(SDL_Surface *_SurfaceToBeOutLined, SDL_Rect *OutLine, Uint8 _red=255, Uint8 _blue=0, Uint8 _green=0, unsigned int _thickness=1)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1153
bool ValideVersionNumberOfCppWithHeader()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:224
bool LoadConfigurationFile(const std::string &_FileName)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:3474
bool IsAltPressed()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:154
image * FindImage(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1093
void WriteSoundListToFile()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2204
char IsKeyModifiedByOtherKeys(SDLKey _KeyToCheck)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1807
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:101
Definition: EEImage.h:44
void DrawOutline(SDL_Surface *_SurfaceToBeOutLined, unsigned int _x, unsigned int _y, Uint8 _red=255, Uint8 _blue=0, Uint8 _green=0, unsigned int _thickness=1)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1183
unsigned int GetTotalRenderList()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2177
Animation * FindAnimation(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1112
bool EventProcessing(SDL_Event *_event)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2147
#define EE_DEBUG
Definition: EELog.h:28
std::string m_ssymbol
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:94
ControlCharacters * GetControlCharacters()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:3575
bool IsCapLockPressed()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:168
Definition: EETextButton.h:39
unsigned int GetTotalSoundsCreated()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2182
void WriteRenderListToFile()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2188
bool DestroySound(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:767
bool SetCurrentRenderList(const std::string &_ListToChangeTo)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2378
bool IsShiftPressed()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:164
bool IsCtrlPressed()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:159
bool PlaySoundNow(Sound *_pSound)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:624
RenderList * FindRenderList(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:982
double GetVersionNumberCpp()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:215
std::string GetCurrentRenderList()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2373
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:60
bool GetKeyCaught()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:150
bool RenderSeen(bool _UpdateScreenNow=false)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1615
bool SetAndPlayBackGroundMusic(const std::string &_NameOfAudio, int _NumberOfTimesToLoop, int _Volume=MIX_MAX_VOLUME, int _ms=0)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:521
Definition: EEAnimationScript.h:41
bool ChangeSprocketZ(EEWidget *_SprocketToChange, int _newZ, RenderList *_list=NULL)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:898
Button * FindButton(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1076
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:88
const std::string StringFromNumericData(datatype _value)
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:238
Animation * CreateAnimation(const std::string &_fileName, const std::string &_Name, int _x, int _y, int _z, int _NumberOfFrames, int _fps, int _StartFrame=0, int _Loop=1, int _NumberOfRowsOfFrames=1, bool _Transparency=false, bool _StartNow=true, const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current")
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:881
bool RemoveIteamFromRendableList(const std::string &_card)
void SleepDelay(Uint32 _millisecounds)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2172
datatype StringToNumericData(const std::string &_stringtoconvert, datatype temp)
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:223
bool IsBackGoundMusicPlaying()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:575
bool FadeOutSound(Sound *_pSound, int _ms)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:701
bool IsKeyDisplayable(SDLKey _KeyToCheck)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1935
Animation * CloneAnimation(Animation *_imageToClone, const std::string &_nameOfAnimation, const std::string &_RenderList, int _x=-1, int _y=-1, int _z=-1)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2478
void TurnOffFPS()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2234
image * CreateImage(const std::string &_fileName, const std::string &_Name, int _x, int _y, int _z, const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current", bool _Transparency=false)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:863
unsigned int GetCurrentScreenWidth()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2309
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:60
Definition: EETextBox.h:44
Definition: EEWidget.h:43
bool StopSoundNow(int _Channel)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:711
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:181
textBox * FindTextBox(const std::string &_name)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1055
void ChangedResolution(int _Width, int _height, bool _useCurrentFlags=true, bool _FullScreen=false, bool _Resize=false, bool _AnyFormat=false)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2250
Definition: EESceneGraph.h:41
bool(* PlayScrtipFuntionPointer)(float, EEWidget *)
Definition: EEAnimationScript.h:40
Button * CreateButton(const std::string &_localfileName, const std::string &_localName, int _localx, int _localy, int _localz, bool _Transparency=false, bool _localactive=true, const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current")
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1746
bool SetNumberOfMixingChannels(int _NumberOfChannels)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:590
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:321
bool InsertRenderList(RenderList *_newRenderList)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:919
std::string m_sfilename
Definition: EpeeEngine.h:95
bool UpdateScreen()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1664
Definition: EEButton.h:40
bool SetFps(int _fps)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1729
void ToggleFullScreen(bool _FullScreen)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2240
bool FadeInSound(Sound *_pSound, int _ms)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:653
textBox * CreateTextBox(const std::string &_Name, int _x, int _y, int _z, const std::string &_TextBoxMessage=" ", const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current", unsigned int _height=-1, unsigned int _width=-1, const std::string &_Font=True_Type_Font_Defalut, int _FontPoint=18, unsigned int _red=255, unsigned int _blue=255, unsigned int _green=255, const std::string &_FontPath=True_Type_Font_Location)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:844
ButtonTB * CreateButtonTB(const std::string &_ButtonName, int _Buttonx, int _Buttony, int _Buttonz, const std::string &_ButtonText, bool _SButtonactive=true, const std::string &_AddtoCurrentRenderlist="Current", unsigned int _ButtonTB_height=30, unsigned int _ButtonTB_width=100, const std::string &_ButtonTB_Font=True_Type_Font_Defalut, int _ButtonTB_FontPoint=18, unsigned int _ButtonTB_red=255, unsigned int _ButtonTB_blue=255, unsigned int _ButtonTB_green=255, const std::string &_ButtonFontPath=True_Type_Font_Location)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:826
int GetFps()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:1740
double GetVersionNumberH()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:219
void ProcessKeyEvent(SDL_Event *_event)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:71
Sound * CreateSound(const std::string &_GroupName, const std::string &_FileName, int _Channel=0, int _NumberOfTimesToLoop=0, int _Volume=MIX_MAX_VOLUME)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:737
void SetCapLock(bool _caps)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:142
RenderList * GetCurrentRenderListptr()
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2473
textBox * CloneTextBox(textBox *_textBoxToClone, const std::string &_nameOfImage, const std::string &_RenderList="Current", int _x=-1, int _y=-1, int _z=-1)
Definition: EpeeEngine.cpp:2548
unsigned int GetTotalSprockesCreated()