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The Epee Engine is an open source cross platform graphics engine
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AnimationScript Class Reference

#include <EEAnimationScript.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AnimationScript (const std::string &_AnimationName, EEWidget *_AnimationSprocket, int _z, PlayScrtipFuntionPointer *_ScrtipFuntionPointer, int _fps, int _TotalNumberOfFrames, int _StartFrame=0, int _Loop=1, bool _StartNow=true)
void JumpToFrame (int _Frame)
void UpdateTime ()
int GetFPS ()
void SetFPS (int _fps)
void StopAnimation ()
void PlayAnimation ()
void ResumeAnimation ()
void SetLoop (int _Loop)
int GetLoop ()
int GetCurrentFrame ()
int GetTotalNumberOfFrames ()
int GetNumberOfTimesPlayed ()
void SetFrameEvent (int _frame)
int GetFrameEvent ()
bool IsPlaying ()
void SetFuntionPointer (PlayScrtipFuntionPointer *_PlayScrtipFuntionPointer)
PlayScrtipFuntionPointer GetFuntionPointer ()
virtual bool Script (float _time, EEWidget *_AnimationSprocket)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EEWidget
 EEWidget (std::string _NameMain, int _TypeMain)
 EEWidget (std::string _NameMain, int _TypeMain, int _x, int _y, int _z)
virtual ~EEWidget ()
virtual void Init ()
virtual void LoadTexture ()
virtual void UnloadSurface ()
virtual SDL_Surface * LoadSurface ()
virtual void UnLoadTexture ()
virtual bool IsLoaded ()
virtual void SDL_GL_SurfaceToTexture (SDL_Surface *surface)
virtual void CreateTexture (SDL_Surface *_baseSurface, SDL_Surface *_image)
int NearestPowerOfTwo (int i)
void SetLocation (int _x, int _y)
int GetLocationX ()
int GetLocationY ()
std::string GetName ()
int GetLocationZ ()
virtual void SetHeightWidth (unsigned int _Height, unsigned int _Width)
unsigned int GetHeight ()
unsigned int GetWidth ()
bool SetDraw (bool _Draw)
bool GetDraw ()
int GetType ()
bool SetScalingFactor (double _ScalingX, double _ScalingY)
bool SetScalingFactorY (double _ScalingY)
bool SetScalingFactorX (double _ScalingX)
double GetScalingFactorX ()
double GetScalingFactorY ()
bool SetRotation (double _Degrees)
double GetRotation ()
bool SetAntiAliased (bool _AntiAliased)
bool GetAntiAliased ()
int GetCurrentVectorPostion ()
virtual EEWidgetWasClicked (int _mouselocationX, int _mouselocationY)
void DisableClick ()
void EnableClick ()
bool GetIsClickEnabled ()
void DisableAndTurnOffDraw ()
void EnableAndTurnOnDraw ()
void SetDontMoveOnClick (bool _flag)
bool GetDontMoveOnClick ()
bool WasLastSprocketClicked ()
void ShowOutLine ()
void HideOutLine ()
bool GetOutLine ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from EEWidget
virtual void Render ()
 EEWidget ()
bool GetBlit ()
virtual SDL_Surface * SetSurface ()
virtual SDL_Surface * GetEEWidgeturface ()
SDL_Rect * GetRect ()
bool SetCurrentArrayPostion (int _newPostion)
void SetType (int _type)
void SetLocationZ (int _z)
void SetBlit (bool _blit)
virtual void SetModifySurFace (SDL_Surface *_ModifySurface)
SDL_Surface * GetModifySurFace ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from EEWidget
int m_iz
std::string m_sName
int m_iSprocketType
bool m_bDraw
int m_iCurrentPostion
bool m_iAntiAliased
bool m_bblit
bool m_bShowSurfaceOutline
double m_iRotation
double m_iScaleX
double m_iScaleY
bool m_bactive
bool m_bDontMoveButton
bool m_bCurrentlySelected
SDL_Rect m_cBox
unsigned int m_iTextureH
unsigned int m_iTextureW
SDL_Surface * m_porignalSurface
SDL_Surface * m_pModifySurface
GLuint m_GLTexture

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AnimationScript::AnimationScript ( const std::string &  _AnimationName,
EEWidget _AnimationSprocket,
int  _z,
PlayScrtipFuntionPointer _ScrtipFuntionPointer,
int  _fps,
int  _TotalNumberOfFrames,
int  _StartFrame = 0,
int  _Loop = 1,
bool  _StartNow = true 

Member Function Documentation

int AnimationScript::GetCurrentFrame ( )
int AnimationScript::GetFPS ( )
int AnimationScript::GetFrameEvent ( )
PlayScrtipFuntionPointer AnimationScript::GetFuntionPointer ( )
int AnimationScript::GetLoop ( )
int AnimationScript::GetNumberOfTimesPlayed ( )
int AnimationScript::GetTotalNumberOfFrames ( )
bool AnimationScript::IsPlaying ( )
void AnimationScript::JumpToFrame ( int  _Frame)
void AnimationScript::PlayAnimation ( )
void AnimationScript::ResumeAnimation ( )
bool AnimationScript::Script ( float  _time,
EEWidget _AnimationSprocket 
void AnimationScript::SetFPS ( int  _fps)
void AnimationScript::SetFrameEvent ( int  _frame)
void AnimationScript::SetFuntionPointer ( PlayScrtipFuntionPointer _PlayScrtipFuntionPointer)
void AnimationScript::SetLoop ( int  _Loop)
void AnimationScript::StopAnimation ( )
void AnimationScript::UpdateTime ( )

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